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Welcome Holland!

The Netherlands has become the 23rd and newest member of the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation. Following on the heels of Ukraine, who joined the Federation earlier this year, the accession of the Netherlands Horseracing Association (NDR) is further evidence of the vibrancy of the EMHF and its relevance, not only to the major racing powers of the region, but also to those many countries whose racing industries operate on a smaller scale.

Brian Kavanagh, Chairman of EMHF and Chief Executive of Horseracing Ireland, said:

”Holland was always an active and enthusiastic contributor to the EMHF’s predecessor organisation, the European Racing Development Conference, so it is especially rewarding to welcome them back into the fold of European racing administration.”

Paul Mulder, Board member of the NDR, said:

“The Netherlands Horse Racing Association (Stichting Nederlandse Draf- en Rensport) is very pleased to be able to become the 23rd membership of the European & Mediterranean Horseracing Federation. Although the gallop racing business plays a modest part in the Netherlands, we actively seek international cooperation to re-find ways to boost our horseracing business. We look forward to working together with similar organisations in the EMHF countries to learn from their best practices”.

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