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The EMHF represents a unique body of knowledge about horseracing across Europe and in many instances, further afield. Its membership includes some of the innovative minds sustaining the development of the sport in the major racing nations of Europe, sharing best practice with those from developing nations where racing is not always in the mainstream. 

As such, it presents an attractive route to brands to communicate with regulators and promoters of the sport with a view to introducing new products to market and developing market share. 


Through the annual Congress, occasional newsletters and communiques, and through personal introduction, EMHF works with selected partners to enhance its members' racing experience and grow the long term viability of the sport across all its member nations. 

If you'd like to partner EMHF, please contact Secretary-General Paull Khan in the first instance here.

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At Future Ticketing, our guiding philosophy is to be the best you can be. So it follows that we want to help our customers to be best in class. We do this by sharing our proven, best-in-class innovation and insights to help you increase ticket sales and through building long-term partnerships. 

Future Ticketing is different to other ticket companies because our software is designed to enable you to take control, accountability and transparency of your customer relationships and revenue streams. We work with you to develop your ticketing system through sales, data management and analytics via our proven open REST API, insights and integrations.

People are at the heart of our business and our success is built on market insight, relentless creativity and innovation, superior customer service and delivering actual tangible value. Our people are steeped in horseracing across the UK, Ireland and German experience, able to understand the sensitivities of your business and apply big event experience to your own situation. 

Future Ticketing has a proven track record of increasing your ticket sales by an average of 15% in year one, whilst helping you to migrate 50% of your tickets online – with all the attendant benefits. 

Contact us here for a no obligation chat.

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