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The European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation was formed in part to build upon the achievements of the European Racing Development Conference (ERDC), an informal group of European countries in which the scale of ‘gallop’ racing was modest. The aim of the ERDC, which was founded in 2000 by the then Chief Executive of the Swedish Jockey Club, Bjorn Eklund, was to represent the interests of these ‘smaller’ European countries and encourage communication between them. In 2008, Bjorn Eklund made a presentation to the Conference of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities suggesting the closer integration of ERDC into the International Federation’s fold. The idea was well received by IFHA President, Louis Romanet.

It was decided to create a new Federation, subsuming the ERDC , but also including the major European Racing nations, to bring greater unity to the region. The founding meeting of the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation was held in Stockholm in June 2010. Its remit was broadened and enshrined in its By-Laws (see Our By-Laws).

The EMHF has, since its inception, operated under the Chairmanship of Brian Kavanagh, Chief Executive, at the start of his Chairmanship, of Horse Racing Ireland and, latterly, of The Curragh Racecourse. Its three Vice-Chairmen are currently : Rudiger Schmanns (Germany), representing European Union countries, Julie Harrington (Great Britain), representing other European countries and Omar Skalli (Morocco), representing Mediterranean countries. Bjorn Eklund took care of the secretariat in the early years.

In July, 2012, the EMHF appointed international racing consultant Paull Khan, then Racing Director of Weatherbys, as its Secretary-General.




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