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New whip rules in Germany

The Direktorium für Vollblutzucht und Rennen have advised of the introduction of new Rules in Germany in respect to use of the whip, as follows:

Rule 594:10: The use of the whip is limited to a maximum of 5 hits which a rider may give to a horse during the whole race, only for the purpose of encouragement. Even this number of hits could be deemed too much if the horse is well beaten or easily winning or being clear for its placing.

In the case of a rider being found guilty by the Stewards of misuse of the whip or of a whip offence, severe measures will be imposed. Furthermore, a rider found guilty of a whip offence will be charged with 50% of his riding percentage or 500 Euro (in the case of riders with 50 or more wins) and 250 Euro (in the case of riders who have not ridden 50 winners) - whichever is the greater.

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