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  • Dr Paull Khan

EMHF to act as international clearing house for Officials' training

At its Executive Council Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia yesterday, the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation agreed new arrangements to assist the Racing Authorities of its member countries in the training and development of their Racecourse Officials. This initiative will see the Racing Authorities of four major racing nations - France, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland - offering officials, (such as Handicappers, Judges, Starters, Clerks of the Scales, Stewards' Secretaries and Veterinary Officers), from other EMHF member countries the opportunity to learn from their counterparts by spending time alongside them as they perform their job on the racecourse.

EMHF Chairman, Brian Kavanagh, explained: "Education is a central focus of the EMHF. This exciting new initiative will complement our established programme of seminars in providing the 'smaller countries' with another means to learn and implement best practice in the administration of the sport."

Dr Paull Khan, EMHF Secretary-General, added: "The EMHF will act as a 'clearing house', matching up requests for such training with specific offers from the major racing nations. There will be no charge for the training."

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