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EMHF states position on Brexit

At its General Assembly in Sweden on May 29th, EMHF members agreed unanimously to issue a statement on the potential implications of Great Britain’s forthcoming departure from the European Union (’Brexit’).

The EMHF, which represents the horse racing authorities of 28 countries, including 18 EU members, strongly counsels that nothing in the negotiations surrounding Brexit should impair in any way the level of ease of movement currently afforded to racehorses and thoroughbred breeding stock travelling to, from or through Great Britain. It is, for example, critical that the benefits of the Tripartite Agreement, in respect of Thoroughbreds travelling between Great Britain, Ireland and France, be maintained.

International movement of racehorses, which are of demonstrably higher health status than the general horse population, for racing or breeding purposes is frequent and vital to the vibrancy of these industries, which directly employ 155,000 people across Europe. Great Britain is a key player in these markets, whether for export, import of transit of racing or breeding stock.

Brian Kavanagh, Chairman of the EMHF said ”Brexit is the biggest challenge to face the European horse racing and breeding industries in a long time. The sophisticated and effective processes which we have developed over the years for the movement of horses and people throughout Europe should not be taken for granted and it is imperative that the interests of the thoroughbred racing and breeding sector are taken into account during the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. It was reassuring to note the unanimous support across all EMHF members for the protection of the current position which has been hard earned over many years.”

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