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EMHF Farriery seminar proves popular

Twenty-two Farriers from seven European countries attended a seminar delivered yesterday, Thursday 21 August, by the Irish School of Farriery in Kildare Town, County Kildare. Organised by the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation (EMHF), delegates from Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Slovakia, Denmark and Ireland were treated to a day’s tuition, part-classroom, part-practical from two of the most senior practitioners and instructors in Ireland, Alwyn McKeown A.W.C.F and Brian Dunne Dip W.C.F, IMFA

The morning classroom session covered a wide range of subjects including: shoeing a racehorse and shoeing techniques, types of horseshoes, shoeing for various track surfaces, modern products, trimming the racehorse; common types of hoof conditions/injuries including tendon, ligament injuries, cracks and interference injuries. Regulations and rules for the shoeing of thoroughbreds for racing were also discussed.

The afternoon session featured a practical clinic, including trimming and shoeing demonstrations, with participants using the opportunity to gain hands-on guidance.

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